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Session Upper Ontologies for Specifying Context
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time Mar 14 2018 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
4:00pm GMT/5:00pm CET
Convener MikeBennett and DavidWhitten

Ontology Summit 2018 Upper Ontologies for Specifying Context Session 2


  • Mike Bennett Background: Upper ontology business case and examples
  • Vipul Kashyap: Inter-ontology Interoperation
    • Slides
    • Abstract: We present an example where there are two different ontologies describing information in a common domain (publications) - We illustrate the process of translating a query from one ontology to another and characterizing the loss of information as a result. An approach for computing candidate translations and choosing an optimal translation is also presented.
  • David Whitten Review of The dimensions of context-space by Douglas B. Lenat, January 1997
  • Mike Bennett Upper Ontologies tour (see slides above)
  • Mike Bennett Discussion points (see slides above)
  • Open discussion

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  • Date: Wednesday, 14-March-2018
  • Start Time: 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT / 5:00pm CET / 4:00pm GMT / 1600 UTC
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[12:13] David Whitten: The Context space URL is:

[12:13] David Whitten: You can download the paper from there that I will be discussing.

[12:17] Gary Berg-Cross: Context paper also at

[12:21] John Sowa: I think I'll be able to attend the summit at the end of April. But I don't know how to navigate the links to find info about it.

[12:22] John Sowa: Does anyone know the link that has info about it?

[12:23] Gary Berg-Cross: @John, how about

[12:25] ToddSchneider: John, You and Barry are scheduled for a 'discussion' on Tuesday, 1 May 2018, 10:30 - 12:30: "Great Debate".

[12:28] KenBaclawski: Information about the Symposium is available at including the location and how to register. To register, you just send me an email. The Organizing Committee will be meeting tomorrow to work on the Symposium program.

[12:29] Alessandro Oltramari: I might be also able to attend the Summit in April - any plan to discuss contexts in the Open Knowledge Network initiative?

[12:34] KenBaclawski: @[12:29] Alessandro Oltramari: The OKN will be discussed with respect to the communique which will be a synthesis of the various tracks. Whether OKN will be discussed outside of the communique during the Symposium will be decided by the Organizing Committee starting tomorrow.

[12:36] Gary Berg-Cross: @Alessandro, we may know more about OKN at the Symposiums after our 2nd Session on OKN which is scheduled for march 28th.

[12:38] Alessandro Oltramari: Thanks Ken and Gary for the info. I'll mark my calendar for both events

[12:39] Cory Casanave: Question: In that many (or most) context are higher order relations, how would these be considered in your mappings and score?

[12:39] Gary Berg-Cross: @Alessandro, FYI I have speaker info for that session on the session page.

[12:40] John Sowa: Todd, I'm aware of that. But I wasn't sure about my schedule. I have now arranged to attend.

[12:51] Gary Berg-Cross: After John Sowa, ontologies need to be build for dynamic evolution since change is the only constant.

[12:52] Alessandro Oltramari: I've got to jump into another meeting. Regards to everyone

[12:53] MikeBennett: "We are swaddled by an aether of context" quote from Cycorp paper

[12:53] Gary Berg-Cross: BTW, we still have someone from Cycorp scheduled to talk about MTs at the 2nd OKN session, March 28th.

[12:56] Jack Ring: The diagram implies a common context but that does not exist.

[12:56] TerryLongstreth: I have to leave at noon for another meeting, but to me the issue of evolution (and concomitant adaptability) is key to understanding context. Not only does the context change over time, but it's impacted by changes in subject being contextualized.

[13:01] MikeBennett: Context as a region in some n-dimensional space

[13:03] Jack Ring: For a clue about evolving one or more ontologies see

[13:03] MikeBennett: Cyc defines 12 dimensions of context-space

[13:04] Jack Ring: It misses #13, the number of persons or perspectives involved.

[13:06] Jack Ring: Why isn't Rule 10 part of Rule 5?

[13:29] ToddSchneider: Ontology Symposium 2018 (i.e., face-to-face) 30 April - 1 May 2018

[13:30] ToddSchneider: Mike, or none of the above?

[13:30] ToddSchneider: 'Mediating Thing' is A context.

[13:31] Gary Berg-Cross: Have to go...

[13:31] BobbinTeegarden: @Mike 'why' is gnarly but also very important for context -- flesh that one out...

[13:32] Jack Ring: May be confusing context with perspective (observer)

[13:33] ToddSchneider: Isn't 'context' mediated by an agent?

[13:34] BobbinTeegarden: @Todd is that a reflection of the holonic/fractal nature of context?

[13:34] Jack Ring: From a systemics perspective context is that which impinges on or constraints an entity.

[13:35] MikeBennett: What = topic

[13:38] Jack Ring: so isn't it clear that we lack an ontology of "context' ?

[13:38] MikeBennett: It's not clear if that's the problem. Every theory is itself a context so there is nothing in the ontology that is not related to context?

[13:38] BobbinTeegarden: @Sowa is the intentionality the Why?

[13:38] ToddSchneider: Bobbin, possibly. But the self-referential aspect is not fully represented in a fractal view.

[13:39] BobbinTeegarden: @Todd Hmmm needs more thought...

[13:43] BobbinTeegarden: @John how granularity related to holonic decomp? Phase shifts fit also?

[13:43] Jack Ring: To cope with this context thing we must get beyond thinking about 'things in hierarchies' to 'interactions in webs'

[13:43] ToddSchneider: Mike, we're past time 13:30 EDT.

[13:43] MikeBennett: Whence and Whither

[13:44] MikeBennett: We will finish at hh:45

[13:44] MikeBennett: Quantas and Qualis (granularity)?

[13:45] ToddSchneider: Is granularity equivalent to scale?

[13:45] Jack Ring: Be aware that Zachman created a way for people to convince themselves to buy computers. Trucker address real enterprise fries

[13:46] BobbinTeegarden: BTW John Zachman is looking to put his framework into an ontology, any number can play,


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