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Session Sustainability of Ontologies
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time 14 Apr 2021 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener KenBaclawski
Track D

Ontology Summit 2021 Sustainability of Ontologies

Ontologies are a rich and versatile construct. They can be extracted, learned, modularized, interrelated, transformed, analyzed, and harmonized as well as developed in a formal process. This summit will explore the many kinds of ontologies and how they can be manipulated. The goal is to acquaint both current and potential users of ontologies with the possibilities for how ontologies could be used for solving problems.


  • 12:00 - 12:30 EDT Leia Dickerson, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Integrating Sustainability into Ontology Development: The Case of GAO’s Fraud Ontology Slides
  • 12:30 - 13:00 EDT Discussion
  • Video Recording

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  • Date: Wednesday, 14 Apr 2021
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[12:05] RaviSharma: Hello Leia welcome

[12:06] RaviSharma: Is the GAO also the lead agency for transition?

[12:14] RaviSharma: Is the GAO covering domestic, DHS, or Financial and international frauds?

[12:14] RaviSharma: Is the framework even triggered CEP?

[12:16] RaviSharma: Fraud risk - is it evaluated similar to financial risk with Environmental, Sovereign and credit risk?

[12:20] RaviSharma: How many agencies Fraud risks are your frame addressing? Is it quantitative or just based on some other models?

[12:20] RaviSharma: Great to know that Framework includes ontology

[12:21] RaviSharma: It looks like there is lot of reverse engineering or training sets of fraud use cases to make the model of ontology?

[12:22] RaviSharma: It looks like reverse engineering of fraud use cases?

[12:24] ToddSchneider: The subject of the fraud?

[12:24] ToddSchneider: Is 'Fraud' considered a Process?

[12:25] BobbinTeegarden: There are pieces of a context there (who what when where why and how), but not coherently so...

[12:26] RaviSharma: Yes Todd that was my Q also in saying CEP!

[12:27] TerryLongstreth: @Leia: GAO pursue penalties/restitution for fraudulent activities you discover, or is that action handed off?

[12:30] RaviSharma: you did not say what the fraud was, just they received grant or that they used the money wrongfully or was it stolen information?

[12:33] RaviSharma: Lei - I have a Q on sustainability tying with stability of information repository as well as continuity of expertise of team, how are these assured?

[12:41] RaviSharma: your source is past use cases but it is going to forecast ? but the fraudsters constantly change their patterns and technologies so how will that be forecast using old use cases?

[12:42] RaviSharma: It is not clear as to how ontology fits in the framework?

[12:42] RaviSharma: Do you have an architecture of the framework?

[12:47] MikeBennett: Ontology: Fraud is a great example of where you need to manage the relationship between the ontological definition of Fraud as a real world thing, and how you interact with available data that signifies when those real things are in play.

[12:47] Gary Berg-Cross: Leia, is the ontology and project stored on something like GitHub so that issues and releases are tracked?

[12:48] anonymous: What's the budget / cost of planning and developing the GAO fraud ontology you're describing today?

[13:03] MikeBennett: Fraud has a lot in common with Risk e.g. Event, Impact. But with Probability = 100%. A kind of Issue?

[13:09] MikeBennett: Terminology is very contextually determined.

[13:09] RaviSharma: It is still not clear to me as to how the model, framework and ontology are architected together nor as to how these are tied to activities (as Todd said Process)?

[13:13] Gary Berg-Cross: My 2nd question was about the degree of leveraging existing glossary definitions such as found in environmental or manufacturing sustainability.

[13:13] RaviSharma: Ken commented that stakeholders buy-in in sustainability?

[13:14] RaviSharma: Leia said there is interest in determining fraud related to Covid

[13:15] RaviSharma: thanks everyone especially Leia and GAO folks.

[13:16] ToddSchneider: Have to go. Thank you Leia.

[13:18] janet singer: Good question, Ravi. There is ontological thinking going on, and there are ontology-like elements, but the framework/model/scheme seem to be more than an ontology.

[13:19] janet singer: in a good sense!

[14:05] RaviSharma: Yes but how they are tied is not clear. Thanks janet.


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