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Session Introductory
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time September 4 2019 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ken Baclawski

Ontology Summit 2020 Jans Aasman


This session will last one hour and will be in two parts of roughly equal length: a speaker presentation and a discussion session. Participants at the session will not only be able to ask questions but will also have an opportunity to contribute to the topic.

Abstract: For those who argue that Knowledge Graphs (KG) are a marketing gimmick please visit the YouTube channel Knowledge Graph Conference 2019, Columbia. You will find an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies implementing Knowledge Graphs. So what happened that suddenly everyone is implementing a KG, and very much related: what do these KGs have in common apart from the fact that they are mostly implemented on top of (Semantic) Graph Databases? In my presentation I’ll talk about 6 Knowledge Graphs that our company is working on. To name a few: we work on a beauty graph, a graph about Noam Chomsky, a Knowledge Graph for Call Centers, a Medical Knowledge Graph and a few more. I’ll talk about the factors that they have in common. As part of these KG projects will discuss identity management, ontologies and vocabularies, meta data graphs, linked open enterprise data and principles of learning.

Presenter: Dr. Jans Aasman started his career as an experimental and cognitive psychologist, earning his PhD in cognitive science with a detailed model of car driver behavior using pioneering AI techniques. He has spent most of his professional life in telecommunications research, specializing in intelligent user interfaces and applied artificial intelligence projects. Dr. Aasman has also served as a part-time professor in the Industrial Design department of the Technical University of Delft. Jans is currently the CEO of Franz Inc., the leading supplier of Graph database products that provide the storage layer for powerful reasoning and ontology modeling capabilities for Knowledge Graph applications.

Dr. Aasman has gained fame as a conference speaker at such events as Smart Data, NoSQL Now, Global Graph Day, Semantic Technologies Conference, International Semantic Web Conference, Java One, Linked Data Planet, INSA, GeoWeb, AAAI, IEEE, Enterprise Data World, STIDS, ODSC, Text Analytics, and DEBS to name a few.

  • General Discussion. All attendees are invited to participate in the discussion. To ask a question or make a contribution, please "raise your hand" on the Chat Room. The meeting will be recorded and the recording will be posted on this meeting page.

Presented by Jans Aasman

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[12:16] ToddSchneider: Why is 'Taxonomy' distinguished from 'Ontology'?

[12:17] David Eddy: (snarky)... because it's English & we can...

[12:18] RaviSharma: Jans Aasman - Welcome and thanks for inaugurating - speaking again at our ontology 2020 Summit

[12:19] Gary: Simple answer Todd...ontologies have many different types of relations to express more statements about a subject. A taxonomy should have just 1 which only varies by the nature of what the taxonomy is about (sub-classes, parts,..)

[12:23] RaviSharma: Jans - how far is your real time customer support from Case Based Reasoning?

[12:24] RaviSharma: Wish John Sowa were here for NLP and Chomsky!

[12:26] Gary: Chomsky KG sounds a bit like a hyper extension of Wikipedia...which would be a good starting point to populate the KG.

[12:27] Gary: There more than case knowledge in the KG.

[12:27] ToddSchneider: Are particular representation languages being used?

[12:30] ToddSchneider: Are any foundational ontologies being used in your ontology development work?

[12:32] RaviSharma: Jans- my Q was on what was discussed by you before the topic of work on Chomsky was shown

[12:37] Gary: I had a similar Q to Todd's on what ontologies are used and if vocabularies are used at all.

[12:38] David Eddy: Vietnam was NOT a war... it was a police action.

[12:39] ToddSchneider: Kenneth, will we be able to get Jans' slides?

Ken Baclawski: Yes, they have been posted at and the video recording is at

[12:40] Zachary Trautt: Is it common to use persistent identifiers when building KG?

[12:40] janet singer: Can Jans come back for another session?

Ken Baclawski: I will ask him about returning in a month or so.

[12:40] ToddSchneider: Zachary, could qualify 'persistent'?

[12:40] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Janet +1... too many questions to cover in this hour

[12:41] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Many pragmatic and engineering issues that are addressed / solved here are of interest

[12:41] ToddSchneider: What types of reasoners are used in your work?

[12:41] Victor Agroskin: Are any new entities or relationships extracted from texts automatically? Or ontologies are created separately and NLP just extracts the facts using preset entities and relationships?

[12:42] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Also interested in how ML is being used to accelerate the engineering / tagging / tax development. Explanation derivation using its NLP capability?

[12:43] Zachary Trautt: @Todd, here is a relevant paper

[12:44] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Are there any dependencies on Wikipedia or Wikipedia-derived structures? (Wikipedia content is both more gnarly and updated more often and deeply)

[12:45] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Comment: Key takeaways from this talk are the compromises made for engineering tactics

[12:46] Janette Wong: 1) Did you use inferencing capability for the ontologies which you've built? Did you encode your ontology in FOL or OWL? (2) It appears what you've shown in your demo is that once you've built your Chomsky KG, a user can use the KG to navigate and explore the knowledge within the KG, correct? Thanks

[12:46] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Comment: The work at Montefiore as published elsewhere has been compared to / perhaps adapted for risk-based threat analysis for cybersecurity

[12:47] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Comment: Most F500 firms call it reference or metadata management, not "taxonomy"

[12:47] RaviSharma: Hans will you share your slides with us?

Ken Baclawski: They have been posted at and the video recording is at

[12:47] Gary: Have to go...

[12:50] janet singer1: @Ken - Id also like to hear more of his perspective on the questions for this preliminary series (if there are times open)

[12:55] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: FYI

[12:56] ToddSchneider: Jans, so you don't have a great need to make finer distinctions (apart from class - subclass)?

[12:58] Paul Tyson: What is the advantage of rebranding W3C semantic technology stack as "Knowledge Graphs"? It wasn't necessary to rebrand the original HTML/HTTP stack as "Document Graphs".

Ken Baclawski: Sorry we had no time to address this question. We will try to address it in a later session.

[13:00] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: -Note to newbies: The event is usually recorded, so you will be able to review the slides there once it is posted after a week or two. (There are occasionally glitches with the recording.)

Ken Baclawski: Barring technical problems, the video recording is normally posted the same day. The current one is at

[13:01] janet singer: @Paul - Good question

[13:03] BobbinTeegarden: Jans can show two graph shaped ontologies next to each other, connect one entity in one graph to an entity in the other, and say show implied relationships and have the combined graph blossom like a rose, not shown here, maybe in next talk... new insights and understandings

[13:03] Ken Baclawski: @janet: Yes, we have open times.

[13:04] Mark Underwood @knowlengr: Had to leave, great preso!


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